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From the USA to Italy, here is a guide to the perfect ceremony

There is something incomparably romantic to having a destination wedding in Italy and for many it is a dream to have their American wedding in Tuscany. It is no coincidence that so far in 2019 and the previous years it was the most popular destination wedding location for foreigners who decided to get married in Italy: Florence, Siena, the sea coasts and the countryside are just some of the options available to those who choose to get married in Tuscany.

But where do you begin to find the perfect location? What things do you need to consider for the organization of the ceremony? How can Italian traditions join American traditions? In this article we have gathered all the useful information for those who decide to swear eternal love in the land of Dante, Leonardo and Michelangelo: here is the definitive guide for American couples who want to organize an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany.

A special wedding between Tuscany and USA

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One of the most beautiful things about getting married in a foreign country is the fact that you can combine two cultures and two traditions in a single ceremony. 

The classic American wedding is an important event: the bachelorette party, the beautiful white dress, the bridesmaids, the decorated garden of the house, the big party organized after the ceremony, everything must be perfect. In the United States, the management of the wedding is generally managed by a professional wedding planner, precisely because of the importance of the event.

Weddings in Italy have traditions that change from region to region, but there are some points in common. The mother of the bride will prepare the trousseau, while the mother of the groom chooses the bride’s veil and the flower bouquet. In addition, you can not miss the wedding favors for guests and there is an absolute ban on marrying on Wednesdays and Fridays: according to an ancient saying, it would bring bad luck!

Is it impossible to unite all these traditions in a single ceremony? No, if everything is organized by a team half Italian and half American, which will perfectly combine customs and traditions of the two different countries.

Getting married in Tuscany, with an American hint

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The first thing to do for those who decide to organize an American wedding in Tuscany, is to choose the location. If you want to combine the American tradition with the Italian one, it is essential to choose a place that allows you to set up the garden for the ceremony and the wedding party, just like you do in the United States. At the same time, it would be nice to maintain a typically Tuscan atmosphere, the same that you experience in the historic buildings or villas.

Famiglia Buccelletti is the perfect venue for a wedding between Tuscany and United States: a winery venue immersed in a green valley surrounded by rolling hillsides, vineyards and olive groves. Also, a family chapel dating back to 1600. Nothing is missing to celebrate the union of two different cultures in a simply perfect day.

Couples who decide to get married in Tuscany, in the beautiful countryside between Siena and Arezzo, can count on our Italian-American staff and preferred wedding planners to ensure that the ceremony, the banquet, the party, everything is unique and unforgettable: Italy and the United States meet for an American wedding in Tuscany.

A legal or Symbolic Ceremony?

If you are prepared to manage the details with some documentation that needs to be prepared in Italy and in the USA and it is important for you to celebrate your legal marriage here in Tuscany then we have prepared this general guideline for U.S. citizens wishing to get marriage in Italy. Of course, specific cases may vary.

It is possible to have a legal ceremony within the garden of the Famiglia Buccelletti venue which is something very rare throughout Italy. Most legal ceremonies need to be done either in the town halls, churches or other property which is owned by the commune. The town of Castiglion Fiorentino has introduced a new law that now allows these ceremonies to take place at approved private venues.

An American citizen needs to present these two documents to get married in Italy:

1) Atto Notorio

released by the Italian consulate in the USA or by an Italian Court. In the case the citizen is residing in Italy, she/he will also have to apply for a Notice of Marriage from their local commune (town hall)

How do you obtain this document?

You need to make an appointment with the nearest Italian Consulate to you and bring two witnesses along with the documentation required. You can also obtain this is Italy but we highly recommend you take care of this while you are still stateside. The document is released immediately but the preparation may require a few days.

Documents needed for the Atto Notorio (for each purpose):
  • Certified copy or original birth certificate of each spouse
  • 2 witnesses
  • Passaports
  • The following if they apply; (Each need to be an original or certified copy which is legalized in the states and translated into Italian by a legal translator).
    • Evidence of the termination of any previous marriage
    • Evidence of name change
    • Evidence of Widow status

2) Nulla Osta

which is released by the American consulate in Italy and legalized with an apostille.

How do you obtain this document?

You need to book an appointment with the Consular District of Florence or Rome online at least two months before your arrival in Italy. You will then need to have each document legalized at the local prefettura.

Declaration of Intention
all of the above documents have to be presented to the local town hall in the city which the marriage will take place 2 – 3 days prior to the wedding day.

Experience and passion to organize the perfect wedding

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Organizing the perfect American wedding in Tuscany, whether legal or symbolic begins with deciding the ideal venue. Famiglia Buccelletti is not only an amazing wedding location for the ceremony or reception but their villa accommodations provide easy and close accommodations for the wedding party and guests to enjoy their vacation. Organizing becomes more joy and less stress at our property thanks to our Italian/American staff which has thought about every detail of not only the wedding day but the logistics of the trip.

Renee is part of the Family, originally from California and now works alongside her sister-in-law Federica to provide the wedding support needed to those looking for the perfect venue.

Renee and Federica both celebrated their weddings at the Famiglia Buccelletti venue and in addition to knowing perfectly the American traditions and how to best respect them, they have built an amazing team of wedding planners, destination wedding and honeymoon travel agents, musicians, florist, photographers etc. which are each unique and talented in providing couples a range of top talent to choose from.

Bringing an American touch to traditional Tuscan weddings; the two offer an incredible experience for couples looking forward to celebrating their wedding in Tuscany.

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