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Local tours and activities

In addition to the activities proposed you can also immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany and participate in our grape and olive oil harvest in September and November. Enjoy learning more about the processes of producing these world famous products and taste excellent biological products.

To discover the surrounding countryside, you can also book biking or hiking tours with a local guide. For the food lovers, you group would enjoy a unique medieval dinner which is served and prepared by a local cultural group in costume, or participate in pizza making at a local farm!


Grape harvest experience in Tuscany


A “vendemmia” (Italian for grape harvest) is one of the most fascinating experiences you can participate while here in Tuscany. Enjoy this special time of the year with our family when we bring in the fruits of our labor from the entire year.

Our grape harvest experience is a wonderful way to learn not only about the local wine & food traditions but also about the local culture. We will start in the vineyard where we will begin harvesting and follow the process to the cellar where you will witness step by step how we begin to make the grapes into our delicious wines. We will explain our techniques for making our organic wine and you will taste the difference between the grape juice and the final wine product.

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Olive harvest experience in Tuscany


November in Tuscany is the period of the Olive Harvest. Famiglia Buccelletti offers a unique experience by reconnecting you with nature and teaching you all about one of the most famous products of Italy; Olive Oil.

We will start in the groves and have harvest time within the Tuscan hills and you will learn the techniques used for producing our liquid gold.

Traditionally, the olive growers of Tuscany will reward family and friends who help out with the harvest with an “al fresco” picnic lunch right there in the olive grove: a bottle of good wine, some Tuscan bread and cheese, perhaps a mixed grill of meats or Tuscan white beans with rosemary. Famiglia Buccelletti now offers the olive harvest experience for guests to spend time with us picking olives, eating authentic Tuscan cuisine, enjoying the landscape, and learn all about how the olives are processed into fine oil.

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    Pizza making


    Enjoy a unique pizza making experience at a local farm. You will prepare the dough and make various types of pizza and bread all from organic ingredients which are grown on the farm.

    Gluten free, vegetarian or have food allergies? No problem, we will customize this experience for you.

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    Bike Tour

    Take a guided tour of the countryside to the 1,000 year old castle of Montecchio. Stop along the way for beautiful scenic photograph opportunities of the Tuscan landscape.

    Or chose to take a guided bike tour around the famous hilltop town of Cortona. Tours lasts about two and a half hours.

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    Take a guided tour through the Tuscan countryside where paths are surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and historic buildings and villas. We guarantee breathtaking views on this two hour experience.